BioMedicure is a biopharmaceutical company researching, developing, and manufacturing a new generation of products to transform cancer research, prevention and treatment into eventual cure of cancer.

These products include enriched cancer stem cells, that can grow "solid-tumors" in vitro without the aid of matrix gel or growth factor supplement; whole-cell cancer vaccines made from enriched cancer stem cells treated with Tumorase™ (a biochemotherapy agent eliminating solid-tumors and killing cancer cells within 60 minutes), and cancer cell specific polyclonal antibodies derived from acquired immune responses elicited by the cancer vaccines.

Cancer researchers and product developers now can use this new generation of products to do in vitro and in vivo studies in mouse, rat, chicken, hamster, guinea pig, dog and human models with increased clinical significance.

CancerStemCells™, enriched cancer stem cells can be used to discover the mechanism of solid-tumor initiation, growth and regulation in vitro! These products may also be used to study new growth mechanisms in cancer stem cells, their mutation, transformation, gene regulation, and how they resist apoptotic inducers and survive under extreme conditions including exhausted or partially depleted nutrients. Enriched cancer stem cells can also be used to study their mutations and antigenic material and how they compare with pre-cancer cells, mature cancer cells, cancer cell lines, metastasized cancer cells, and solid tumor cells in various stages.

CancerVaccine™ can be used to discover the detailedantigen presentation processes, how antigens are extracted, presented, remembered, and how various immune system components including cancer cell specific polyclonal antibodies (AntiCancerBody™, currently under development) are synergistically coordinated to mount the most effective attacks against cancer cells including pre-cancer cells, mature cancer cells, cancer stem cells and metastasized cancer cells without harming any normal cells.

Tumorase™ can be used to study how various cancer cells including enriched cancer stem cells are killed, its pharmacology and toxicology in various settings as well as its mechanism of action in biochemotherapy for solid-tumor elimination in vitro and in vivo.

You can use BioMedicure's newly developed Tumorase™ Whole Cell Cancer Vaccine Kit (TK-110 view) to make your own cancer vaccine out of solid tumors from animals or patients, "solid tumor" grown by enriched cancer stem cells or cancer cell lines!