Our Mission

BioMedicure is developing cures for cancer by discovering, developing and producing the next generation of products to fulfill unmet needs in cancer research, prevention and treatment in various settings including but not limiting to those in mouse, rat, chicken, hamster, guinea pig, dog and human.

Our Goals

  • Advancing cures for cancer through cancer prevention by developing and marketing safe and effective cancer vaccine products to significantly reduce the occurrence of cancer in animals including but not limiting to mouse, rat, chicken, hamster, guinea pig, dog and eventually in humans.
  • Advancing cures for cancer by developing autologous tumor vaccine (CancerVaccine™) and cancer vaccine induced cancer cell specific polyclonal antibody (AntiCancerBody™) products for immunotherapy and Tumorase™ (US TradeMark 3,795,961) based biochemotherapy to significantly extend a cancer patient's life span.

Our Strategy

  • Providing next generation of products including but not limiting to enriched CancerStemCell™, CancerVaccine™, AntiCancerBody™ and Tumorase™ for the cancer research community
  • Forming partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, universities, and research institutions
  • Fully protecting BioMedicure's intellectual property by patent (US and International) and trademark applications