Biochemotherapy Platform

BioMedicure's biochemotherapy platform employs biochemicals, i.e Tumorase™ (US TradeMark 3,795,961) to quickly (within 60 minutes) and very effectively (up to 100%) destroy the solid-structure of a solid tumor and kill cancer cells, including cancer stem cells, within the tumor.

According to the proprietary technology, BioMedicure has developed Tumorase™ products to eliminate solid tumors with various sizes. Tumorase™ can be used to eliminate human xenograft solid tumors in nude mice models. BioMedicure has been using the Tumorase™ biochemotherapy to successfully eliminate over 130 human xenograft solid tumors (one type of melanoma, one type of prostate cancer, two types of breast cancer, two types of lung cancer and one type of colon cancer) in nude mouse models(AACR 101st Annual Meeting 2010 Poster 672: Tumorase™: in vivo efficacy data for novel localized proteinase treatment applicable to solid tumors of varied tissue origins).

A chemotherapy drug usually takes more than three weeks to see any effect in reducing the growth rate of a solid tumor. Compared to chemotherapy, Tumorase™ biochemotherapy eliminates a solid tumor and kills all cancer cells right away. Biochemotherapy is also more efficacious and less toxic. However, since Tumorase™ biochemotherapy is a local therapy, it cannot be used systemically.

Nevertheless, it may replace surgery and sacrifice less normal tissue that surrounds the tumor.

Compared with radiotherapy, the action of Tumorase™ is much quicker in action and more importantly it may not mutate the actively-dividing normal cells to cancer cells.

Scientists at BioMedicure have discovered that the biochemotherapy kills a cancer cell with cell membrane intact preserving intracellular antigenic material that is ideal for harmless whole cell cancer vaccine, or antigen sphere production.

When a Tumorase™ Whole Cell Cancer Vaccine Kit (TK-110 view) is used to treat a "solid tumor" grown by enriched cancer stem cells, the most desirable whole cell cancer vaccine in round-shaped antigen spheres are made for cancer prevention. Basically, these antigen spheres will transform the immune system with acquired immunity to kill any cells with antigenic material contained in the CancerVaccine™. These cells may include but not limit to pre-cancer cells, cancer cells and cancer stem cells..