Cancer Stem Cell Platform

BioMedicure's cancer stem cell platform is a proprietary technology (patent-pending) used to enrich cancer stem cells, or CancerStemCell™ that can grow "solid tumor" in vitro without the aid of matrix gel or growth factor supplement.

BioMedicure's CancerStemCell™ products are tumorigenic, heterogeneous and randomly mutating cancer cells with unstable genomes. BioMedicure's proprietary methods of enriching cancer stem cells are inactivating clones and subclones of mutant cells with stable genomes and expanding cancer stem cells with unstable genomes. Non-tumor-forming cancer cells with stable genomic mutations often generate false-positive results for cancer research and should be avoided.

Characteristics of BioMedicure's CancerStemCell™ are:

A. Tumorigenic in vitro and in vivo, due to loss of tumor suppressor genes, such as p53, p73 and many others. The "tumorigenic" term means the cancer cell can grow "solid tumors" without the aid of matrix gel or growth factor supplement since actively-dividing normal cells can form "tumor spheres" under those conditions as well.
B. Heterogeneous populations resulting from unstable genomes caused by oncogenes, such as c-myc and many others.
C. Continuous random mutations as a result of both A) and B). Antigenic material resulting from random mutations in vitro may cover antigenic material resulting from mutations under immune screening in vivo.
D. Resistance to apoptosis inducers may be due to "solid-tumor" structure or unknown mechanism(s).
E. Able to grow under adverse conditions, such as partially depleted nutrients.

BioMedicure's CancerStemCell™ products are species and cancer type specific (i.e, mouse melanoma has only one enriched cancer stem cell product). Cancer stem cells for the same disease in the same species are pooled from different selection and enrichment processes.