Cancer Immunotherapy Platform

Different from any normal and pre-cancer cells, a cancer cell usually over-expresses many oncogenes and at the same time lose several tumor suppressor genes depending on the stage of the tumor. Since oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are usually cancer cell specific, and leading to many other molecular and cellular events or pathways in the tumor microenvironment that further affects the gene expression pattern of normal cells nearby or within the microenvironment, it is very challenging to target one to several oncogenes and develop effective chemo- and biological therapies for cancer treatment. The whole cell cancer vaccine is a good idea. The best of the try is irradiated tumor cells with limited immune response since the product/technology fails to address issues including but not limiting to "self" (not "foreign") that may inhibit antigen presentation process and no polyclonal antibody response, no secondary antibody response. With the help of general immune stimulators, such as GM-CSF and BCG, the immune response is still limited to temporary DTH, or delayed type hypersensitivity.

BioMedicure's antigen sphere CancerVaccine™ products address all challenging issues including but not limiting to "self" or "foreign", one unit or a mixture for antigen presentation, with or without an adjuvant, quality controllable or not, preserving the antigenic material or not, consistent immune responses or not, efficacious or not.

All antigen spheres are foreign to any lymphocytes in any immune system. One antigen sphere is an antigen presentation unit to any lymphocytes. Antigen spheres are sufficient to force various immune responses without the aid of any adjuvant. The quality control is robust. One antigen sphere preserves enough intracellular antigenic material. A population of antigen spheres may represent antigenic material in the whole tumor. Furthermore, each antigenic material in one antigen sphere may have equal opportunity for antigen presentation process. Thanks to all of these, the efficacy of the antigen sphere products can be 100% for significant life extension as seen in the mouse melanoma (CSC-016, BioMedicure) natural cancer system when the wild-type mice (c57) were vaccinated with the melanoma antigen sphere CancerVaccine™ (CV-016) alone.

BioMedicure's immunotherapy platform employs its proprietary CancerVaccine™ products to transform the immune system into a new one with acquired ability to kill pre-cancer cells and cancer cells. BioMedicure is also developing CancerVaccine™ induced cancer cell specific polyclonal antibodies, or AntiCancerBody™, that can kill cancer cells way without an intact immune system.

Because the built-in genetic mutation information in CancerVaccine™ enables the immune system to produce immune responses against pre-cancer and cancer cells with specific antigenic material and these immune responses are innate, adaptive and acquired for long term, CancerVaccine™ vaccination can be used to prevent cancer and treat cancer as well. The vaccination will meet unmet needs for pre-cancer patients, patients with tumors removed by biochemotherapy or surgery and healthy individuals or high risk individuals who are concerned about certain types of cancer.

BioMedicure has been using syngeneic wild-type mouse tumor models to develop the cancer immunotherapy platform. The safety and efficacy of CancerVaccine™ has been shown to be advantageous over other known immunotherapies.BioMedicure has presented the data at the AACR 101st Annual Meeting (Poster 4757: CancerVaccine: Novel proteinase treatment of melanoma cancer cells produces a cancer vaccine with enhanced protective adaptive immune response).

According to the immunotherapy platform, BioMedicure has been able to develop over 20 CancerVaccine™ products to share with the cancer research community. These whole cell antigen sphere cancer vaccine products are made out of corresponding in vitro "solid tumors" grown from enriched cancer stem cells using a Tumorase™ (US TradeMark 3,795,961) Whole Cell Cancer Vaccine Kit (TK-110 view).