BioMedicure is developing AntiCancerBody™ products according to its proprietary immunotherapy platform where the anti-cancer antigen spheres products are used for vaccination. After vaccination, the immune system produces multiple weapons, including cancer-cell-specific-polyclonal-antibodies to kill cancer cells specifically.

When the Immunotherapy is combined with biochemotherapy and CancerVaccine™ vaccination, significant progress towards a cancer cure can be made.

Since BioMedicure's AntiCancerBody™ products are derived from CancerVaccine™ induced immune response components, learn more about the antigen presentation of the CancerVaccine™ or anti-cancer antigen spheres will help in understanding AntiCancerBody™ products.

CancerVaccine™ are harmless whole-cell antigen spheres that induce acquired immune responses against all cancer cells as a population specifically. BioMedicure's breakthroughs are:

  • Use of Tumorase™ to kill cancer cells from cancer cell lines from enriched cancer stem cells, or from a operational tumor to make whole cell cancer vaccine or anti-cancer antigen spheres
  • Make an immune system's professional antigen presenters, including dendritic cells and macrophages to view CancerVaccine™ anti-cancer antigen spheres, as foreign (even they are self) and engulf them
  • Professional antigen presenters digest all material within the antigen sphere to generate antigens and self antigens and use MHC II to bind to all of them
  • Professional antigen presenters with antigens and self antigens migrate to major lymph nodes and present them to thousands of T-cells with receptors for antigens and self antigens
  • A T-cell with a self antigen receptor binds to a self antigen tightly and undergoes apoptosis and the autoimmunity is avoided
  • With the help of T-helper cells and B-cells, a loosely bind antigen is passed around and used for multiple immune responses, including memorization by T-memory cells and B-memory cells, epitopes by plasma cells to secrete corresponding antibodies or cancer-cell-specific polyclonal antibodies, AntiCancerBody™
  • Isolate and purify AntiCancerBody™ products

AntiCancerBody™ products are currently under development. These products will be used to treat metastatic cancer individuals with impaired immune system. AntiCancerBody™ may kill metastatic cancer cells within hours.

If you have questions about the availability of AntiCancerBody™ products or the immunotherapy platform, please email: