Enriched Cancer Stem Cells or CancerStemCells™

  • BioMedicure's enriched cancer stem cells are tumorigenic, heterogeneous and randomly mutating living cancer cells with unstable genomes.
  • These unstable genomes continue to mutate by means of DNA sequence deletion, reversion, duplication, translocation, and chromosomal copy number changes.
  • As a result of these diverse mutations, BioMedicure's enriched cancer stem cells form "solid tumors" in vitro without the aid of matrix gel or growth factor supplement.
  • The enrichment process of cancer stem cells diversify biomarkers. On contrary, a biomarker-based selection process would exclude cancer stem cells without certain biomarkers.
  • Without biomarker selection bias, enriched cancer stem cells minimize fixed mutant clones or subclones.
  • Due to its mutating nature, enriched cancer stem cells are able to grow in any complete medium with various nutrient sources and frequently form "solid tumors".
  • Enriched cancer stem cells result from mutations of cancer cells surviving or growing under adverse conditions where nutrients are exhausted or partially depleted.
  • Mouse CancerStemCell™, rat CancerStemCell™, chicken CancerStemCell™, hamster CancerStemCell™, guinea pig CancerStemCell™, dog CancerStemCell™ and human CancerStemCell™ products have been developed and are shared with cancer researchers now.

Potential Uses

  • Enriched cancer stem cells are used to grow "solid-tumors" in vitro and to discover anything related to solid tumors!
  • Enriched cancer stem cells are convenient and valuable starting materials for biomarker study and further selection according to your marker of interest.
  • Enriched cancer stem cells may be used for novel pathway discovery, new target identification and drug discovery.
  • These enriched cancer stem cells are ideal for studies in cancer cell population genetics, cytogenetics, biochemistry, biology, and molecular biology since they are composed of a population of mutating cancer cells, rather than a single cancer cell line.
  • Enriched cancer stem cells may be useful for diagnostic kit development, drug screening , in vitro and in vivo tumorigenesis, cancer prevention, control and therapeutics since they represent a true heterogeneous population of cancer cells that may be treated as a "multi-pathogen" disease instead of a "one pathogen" disease.
  • When treated with Tumorase™ (US TradeMark 3,795,961), enriched cancer stem cells are used to make cancer vaccines. CancerVaccine™ are proven to elicit a broad range of cancer cell specific immune responses to kill all types of cancer cells, including pre-cancer cells, cancer stem cells and metastasized cancer cells. These immune responses are comparable to those made out of in vivo tumor cells (AACR 101st Annual Meeting 2010 Poster 4757: CancerVaccine: Novel proteinase treatment of melanoma cancer cells produces a cancer vaccine with enhanced protective adaptive immune response).