Mutations in CancerStemCell™

BioMedicure's CancerStemCell™ are tumorigenic, heterogeneous and randomly mutating cancer cells with unstable genomes. BioMedicure's proprietary processes and methods enrich cancer stem cells by inactivating non-cancer stem cells while expanding cancer stem cells.

Characteristics of BioMedicure's CancerStemCell™ are:

A. Tumorigenic in vitro and in vivo, due to loss of one to several tumor suppressor genes, such as p53 and p73 and over-expression of one to many oncogenes
B. Grow in vitro "solid-tumor" without the aid of matrix gel and growth factor supplement
C. The solid-structure of the in vitro "tumor" is due to the heterogeneous population of "tumor cells" with uncontrollable cell divisions resulting from unstable genomes as a result random mutations
D. The "solid-tumor" is rich in cancer cell antigens and tumor antigens as well. Note that not all mutations are antigens, but all antigens resulted from mutations.
E. Resistant to apoptosis due to the process that screens out or inactivates non-cancer stem cells
F. Able to grow in any medium
G. Totally different from pre-cancer cells that may just have a few mutations in oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, but not both
H. In vitro "solid-tumors" have mutations and antigens that are comparable to those from tumor cells in vivo.