CancerVaccine™ products are harmless antigen spheres made out of enriched cancer stem cells treated by Tumorase™ (US TradeMark 3,795,961) digesting extracellular proteins while keeping the cell membrane intact preserving intracellular antigenic material. Thus, an antigen sphere's membrane is derived from the corresponding cancer cell membrane. The antigenic material may include but not limit to intracellular mutant proteins, DNA, RNA and metabolites occurring naturally in cancer cells. These antigenic material are mostly unknown. However, the immune system can decode them through the digestion of all material including antigenic material and non-antigenic material or self material, antigen extraction, antigen binding with MHC II and the complicated antigen presentation process.

BioMedicure's CancerVaccine™ has been shown to be safe and effective in a wild-type mouse melanoma models. CancerVaccine™ products can be used for both cancer prevention and treatment since antigen spheres of the product can transform the immune system to kill pre-cancer cells and cancer cells specifically.

CancerVaccine™ not only addresses and overcomes challenges traditional cancer vaccines have in self-recognition molecule patterns on their cell surface that strongly inhibit the antigen presentation process, but also enhances the number and variety of antigens presented and remembered by the immune system.

When treated with Tumorase™, enriched cancer stem cells are used to make cancer vaccines. CancerVaccine™ are proven to elicit a broad range of cancer cell specific immune responses to kill all types of cancer cells, including pre-cancer cells, cancer stem cells and metastasized cancer cells. These immune responses are comparable to those that induced by cancer vaccine made out of in vivo tumor cells (AACR 101st Annual Meeting 2010 Poster 4757: CancerVaccine: Novel proteinase treatment of melanoma cancer cells produces a cancer vaccine with enhanced protective adaptive immune response).

Advantages of CancerVaccine™ compared to irradiated whole cell cancer vaccines:

  • CancerVaccine™ products are more effective in forcing the immune system to transform to a new one with capability to kill all types of mutant cells including pre-cancer cells, cancer cells and cancer stem cells due to strong innate and acquired immune responses while irradiated whole cell vaccine itself does not have such capability. The irradiated vaccine needs an adjuvant to induce immune responses restricted to general immune enhancement and DTH to kill a part of a heterogeneous cancer cell population.
  • The antigen spheres in CancerVaccine™ products are foreign to any lymphocytes while irradiated whole cell cancer vaccine are not.
  • Antigen spheres greatly enhance antigen presentation process while irradiated whole-cell vaccines do not.
  • All antigen spheres are foreign to any lymphocytes in the immune system while irradiated whole cells are not.
  • Antigen spheres in a CancerVaccine™ product make antigen extraction process easier thanks to the pre-digestion of extracellular proteins by Tumorase™ (US TradeMark 3,795,961).