CancerVaccine™ Safety and Efficacy

Immune response rate

  •     Current market: limited maximum 30% immune response rate due to narrow antigen targets
  •     CancerVaccine™: use the immune system to its full potential to reach 100% immune response rate


  •     Current market: therapeutic use limited due to specificity of antigens
  •     CancerVaccine™: targets simultaneously multiple cancer-specific antigens

Life span

  •     Current market: life span extension of only a few months due to targeting one or only a few cancer antigens with resultant residual cancer cell population CancerVaccine™: kills 100% of all mutated cells, including pre-cancer cells and mature cancer cells, metastasized cancer cells and cancer stem cells, and extends life span.
CancerVaccine™ whole cell preparations are safe
CancerVaccine™ is clearly effective at prevention of tumor growth

CancerVaccine™ represents a broad and diverse group of products that can be developed from almost any primary or cultured cancer cell line or type of enriched cancer stem cells. Each CancerVaccine™ is unique based upon the built-in genetic mutations resulting from the progenitor cancer cells.

CancerVaccine™ liposomes are foreign to immune systems since they do not have self-recognition molecular patterns on their surface. More importantly, CancerVaccine™ preserves most, if not all, intracellular antigens available for enhanced antigen presentation processes. After engulfment by macrophages and dendritic cells, fragmented antigens are able to bind to self-recognition molecular patterns on the surfaces of macrophages and dendritic cells. These professional antigen presenters then migrate to lymph nodes where T-helper cells identify them as either self or foreign on a one-by-one basis. “Foreign” antigens are recorded and stored in B-cells by DNA recombination. B-cells then produce antibody according to the DNA recombination sequences. It is believed that the capacity of B-cell memory is about 109.

BioMedicur's CancerVaccine™ products are developed according to its proprietary cancer prevention and immunotherapy platform. This platform employs CancerVaccine™ vaccination procedures to induce acquired immune responses against genetic mutations or antigens in cancer cells specifically. CancerVaccine™ are a series of cancer vaccine products. CancerVaccine™ are non-tumorigenic and non-mutating heterogeneous derivatives or variants of cancer cells that induce adaptive or acquired immune responses against cancer cells.