Tumorase™ Whole Cell Cancer Vaccine Kit: TK-110 view

Tumorase™ Biochemotherapy Products T-101 view, T-105 view, T-110 view

Enriched CancerStemCell™ and Paired CancerVaccine™

Disease Species CancerStemCell™ CancerVaccine™
MelanomaMouse CSC-016 view CV-016-1 view CV-016-3 view CV-016-5 view
Liver hepatomaMouse CSC-026 view CV-026-1 view CV-026-3 view CV-026-5 view
Renal adenocarcinomaMouse CSC-142 view CV-142-1 view CV-142-3 view CV-142-5 view
Rectum polyploid carcinomaMouse CSC-223 view CV-223-1 view CV-223-3 view CV-223-5 view
Mammary gland tumorMouse CSC-539 view CV-539-1 view CV-539-3 view CV-539-5 view
Colon carcinomaMouse CSC-638 view CV-638-1 view CV-638-3 view CV-638-5 view
Lewis Lung CarcinomaMouse CSC-642 view CV-642-1 view CV-642-3 view CV-642-5 view
Testis tumorRat CSC-043 view CV-043-1 view CV-043-3 view CV-043-5 view
GliosarcomaRat CSC-200 view CV-200-1 view CV-200-3 view CV-200-5 view
Malignant prostate carcinomaRat CSC-376 view CV-376-1 view CV-376-3 view CV-376-5 view
Urinary bladder tumorRat CSC-655 view CV-655-1 view CV-655-3 view CV-655-5 view
OsteosarcomaRat CSC-661 view CV-661-1 view CV-661-3 view CV-661-5 view
AdenocarcinomaRat CSC-677 view CV-677-1 view CV-677-3 view CV-677-5 view
Mammary Gland AdenocarcinomaRat CSC-743 view CV-743-1 view CV-743-3 view CV-743-5 view
NeuroblastomaRat CSC-754 view CV-754-1 view CV-754-3 view CV-754-5 view
Cervical adenocarcinomaHuman CSC-002 view CV-002-1 view CV-002-3 view CV-002-5 view
Glioblastoma, astrocytomaHuman CSC-014 view CV-014-1 view CV-014-3 view CV-014-5 view
Breast adenocarcinoma Human CSC-022 view CV-022-1 view CV-022-3 view CV-022-5 view
Burkitt's Lymphoma Human CSC-086 view CV-086-1 view CV-086-3 view CV-086-5 view
Lung Epidermoid Carcinoma Human CSC-199 view CV-199-1 view CV-199-3 view CV-199-5 view
Colon adenocarcinomaHuman CSC-221 view CV-221-1 view CV-221-3 view CV-221-5 view
Pancreatic carcinomaHuman CSC-420 view CV-420-1 view CV-420-3 view CV-420-5 view
Kidney Rhabdoid TumorHuman CSC-441 view CV-441-1 view CV-441-3 view CV-441-5 view
Colorectal AdenocarcinomaHuman CSC-480 view CV-480-1 view CV-480-3 view CV-480-5 view
MelanomaHamster CSC-049 view CV-049-1 view CV-049-3 view CV-049-5 view
Hepatocellular carcinoma Chicken CSC-118 view CV-118-1 view CV-118-3 view CV-118-5 view
Osteosarcoma Dog CSC-130 view CV-130-1 view CV-130-3 view CV-130-5 view
Colorectal AdenocarcinomaGuinea Pig CSC-242 view CV-242-1 view CV-242-3 view CV-242-5 view

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