Tumorase™ Used in Nude Mouse and Wild-type Mouse Models

BioMedicure's Tumorase™ was developed according to its proprietary biochemotherapy platform. BioMedicure's biochemotherapy platform employs biochemical agents to destroy the solid-structure of a malignant solid tumor to kill cancer cells, including cancer stem cells, within the tumor. Tumorase™ has been shown to be safe and effective in eliminating hundreds of tumors. Tumor types successfully tested to date include human xenograft solid tumors (cancer types of prostate, breast, lung and colon) in the nude mouse models and syngraft melanoma tumors in wild-type mouse models. In the nude mice model, Tumorase™ kills human cancer cells directly. Thus, the killing of human cancer cells are not related to any immune responses, such as the induction of T-cells.

  • Tumorase™ destroys a malignant solid tumor within 1 hour and the tumor site heals within 2 days.
  • BioMedicure is developing Tumorase™ to eliminate malignant solid tumors in companion animals and humans.
  • Tumorase™ is useful for a wide variety of in vivo cancer models and is available for Research Use Only.